About Me

Hi! I would not like to reveal my name but I would tell you more about myself. So i am from Singapore and my dream is to own a trap jaw ant. However, every time I try to catch a trap jaw, the ant is either not a queen or it dies. Well, I guess I have to be patient and wait!

How to identify a queen ant

1) look at the ant's thorax. If you dont know what a thorax is its the middle part of the ant. See if there are wing scars on its thorax. If yes, that ant should be a queen ant. 2) Usually the queen's abdomen is larger than the head and the thorax. If you dont know what a abdomen is. The abdomen is the last part of the ant. There is the head, which is the first part, the thorax, which is the second part and the abdomen, which is the third part.